Broken Arm:

Cast the spell Duro on the target, then while the target is still in their stone form cast the spell Levicorpus. By doing this, the target's arm becomes glitched after the spells wear off.


Cast the spell Diminuendo on the target. While the target is still tiny in form, cast the spell Levicorpus (or Impedimenta) on them. After the spells wear off, the target's limbs are shrunk in form while their head and torso remain normal. You may cast the spell Rennervate on them to unstun them.

Infinite Duro:

This glitch is one of the rarer ones and has a low chance of working effectively. One way of doing this is by casting Duro and then Levicorpus on the target. If the spell Duro is casted on someone wearing a UGC hat on their avatar, or someone with a staff, the spell may be effective forever or an extended period of time. (I'm not sure if this is true but I'm going to leave this here)

To Infinity and Beyond:

Cast the spell Duro (or Glacius) on the target. While they are still in stone, cast Levicorpus on them. Right after the target is unpetrified (but still hanging in the air), cast Ebublio on them, and this causes the target to be encased in a bubble and fly upward in increasing velocity. After a while, they will find themselves coming back just as the effects of the spell wear away, and they will remain floating.

*Note that the target will be capable of casting spells once they are released from the Ebublio.

Infinite Levicorpus:

Cast the spell Glacius on the target. While they are frozen, cast the spells Diminuendo and Levicorpus in succession. After the effects wear off, the target will be stuck floating.

Floating Glitch:

Cast the spell Sectumsempra (or Defodio) on the target and while they are bleeding out, heal them using the spell Vulnera Sanentur. Give it a few seconds until they are fully healed and afterward, cast the spell Depulso on the target.

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