The Elder Wand is a gamepass item in Magic Training purchasable for 1500 Robux. This gives the buyer the advantage of equipping a more powerful wand, which triples the uses of most spells (excluding Bombarda and Baubillious, which only get 2x the casts) as well as access to three new areas of effect spells: Infernum, Pruina Tempestatis, and Protego Diabolica.

It is known that it is highly difficult to defeat a player with an Elder Wand when clashing due to the increased rate of which the white orbs instantiate. Another advantage of the wand is the significantly shortened delay between blocking (Q).

The Elder Wand can be stolen from its user using the Disarming Charm, Expelliarmus after that you must kill your opponent for reasons unknown if you want a fairytale about it. here it is.If you take the aleder wand away from someone without killing death takes the wand and your life for himself.. If the same Elder Wand is disarmed twice from two different people, it will not be able to cast spells anymore; the Elder Wand will be completely disabled, unable to cast spells with.

An alternative version of the Elder Wand exists, which is accessible by game administrators. This wand takes the form of Antitoch Peverells a character from the official Harry Potter canon. It is able to cast 3 spells at once, but other than that, it is still similar to the original Elder Wand.

A showcase of the Elder's cast tripling capabilities.


The Elder Wand, as featured in its gamepass decal.

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