In Magic Training, there is a game mechanic allowing two players to engage in a spell struggle similar to the effects of Priori Incantatem. Both players' wands will continuously emit colliding energy. The losing player will get affected by their target's spell, and their own casted spell will rebound on them.

To clash, you must hit your casted spell with another player's casted spell. They don't have to be exactly touching -- the hitboxes will accept anything within a few studs.

During a clash, the chat and player list will be temporarily disabled. White orbs will constantly appear on the screen and clicking them will result in a bonus, while misclicking will incur a penalty. The rate of which orbs appear will increase as the clash progresses. However, this can be accelerated through the use of an Elder Wand.

The players will be completely invulnerable to external spells during the clash, as their beams will simply impact upon an invisible barrier, and slowed movement will be present. Such clash may be halted by either player by merely getting far enough away, or if either player drops their wand (backspace). Note that this will result in loss of your wand, however it can be picked up any player walks over it. Once a clash ends, a non-damaging explosion will occur and all clash-specific effects (the invulnerability and the slowed movement) will cease.

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