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A spell is a form of words used as a magical charm or incantation. These may either be used to inflict death to others, pass damage, defend and protect yourself or those around you from harm, recover health, or for other miscellaneous purposes.

As of July 2020, there are 60 castable spells.



Duro: Encases the target in stone.

Ebublio: Encases the target in a bubble, which will then begin to float upward and to the direction the target was hit for an extended amount of time; reversible with Diffindo.

Glacius: Freezes the target in ice for 30 seconds; reversible with Incendio or Diffindo.

Impedimenta: Stuns the targeted player for 30 seconds; reversible with Rennervate.

Incarcerous: Binds the target with rope and restricts them from moving and casting spells for an extended period of time; reversible with Relashio or Diffindo.

Levicorpus: Hoists the target in the air by the ankle for 12 seconds; reversible with Liberacorpus or Finite Incantatem.

Locomotor Wibbly: Prevents the target from moving for a few seconds; reversible with Finite Incantatem.

Petrificus Totalus: Magically petrifies the target; reversible with Finite Incantatem.

Pruina Tempestatis (Elder Wand exclusive): Creates a trailing ring of blue particles around the caster for a significant amount of time; all players within range will become frozen in ice, and will take damage and eventually die given prolonged exposure. This ring disappears after a while, or once the user unequips their wand.

Stupefy: Flings the victim backward a short distance, and stuns them for a few seconds; reversible with Rennervate.

Tarantallegra: Causes the target to uncontrollably start dancing for a short period of time; reversible with Finite Incantatem.


Avada Kedavra: Fires a green beam that causes instantaneous death upon the target; cannot be reversed.

Defodio: When hit, causes a non-damaging explosion and the target to be stunned as they begin to quickly lose health, and eventually perish within 8 seconds; reversible with Episkey or Vulnera Sanentur and unstunning with Rennervate.

Deletrius: Inflicts instantaneous death, causing the target to dissolve into dust; cannot be reversed.

Infernum (Elder Wand exclusive): Creates a trailing fire ring around the caster; any player within range will quickly take damage and die within seconds. The firestorm disappears after a while, or once the caster unequips their wand.

Sectumsempra: Causes the target to be stunned, and will slowly bleed to death within 15 seconds; reversible with Episkey or Vulnera Sanentur and unstunning with Rennervate.


Alarte Ascendare: Throws the target into the air, and inflicts minor damage upon falling.

Baubillious: Casts out 10 white bolts, each inflicting 5 damage; an exception to the Elder Wand's 3x cast bonus.

Bombarda: Creates an explosive beam, dealing 60 damage to all hit players; an exception to the Elder Wand's 3x cast bonus.

Confringo: Creates a beam of fire that will explode upon impact, dealing 50 damage to all nearby players; additionally ignites them with a lightly damaging flame.

Crucio: A slow-acting spell which will gradually reduce the target's health by 80 points; additionally, they will be unable to cast and will constantly assume a sitting position, causing them to trip.

Depulso: Forcefully pushes back the target and deals minor damage.

Diffindo: Removes the effects of Glacius, Incarcerous, and Ebublio; if the target is under no such status effect, a minuscule amount of damage is dealt instead.

Everte Statum: Pushes the target back and deals a little bit of damage

Expulso: Casts out 3 blue explosive beams, passing 40 damage to the target/s.

Flare: Fires out 5 red beams, which deal a minor amount of damage each.

Incendio: Creates a beam of fire which will deal 20 damage upon impact, and cause a burning effect that passes an additional 40 damage up to a total of 60 damage; reverses the freezing effects of Glacius and Pruina Tempestatis.

Reducto: Fires a white bolt, causing an explosion which exacts 30 damage.

Tonitro: Causes 50 damage, and slightly knocks back the target.

Verdimillious: Provides 3 casts of green bolts, causing 15 damage each; also causes an explosion that is non-damaging upon impact.


Carpe Retractum: Pulls the target toward the caster; the strength of this spell is relative to the distance between the caster and the target -- a long-range cast will pull more forcefully than a close-range one.

Confundo: Causes the target to uncontrollably move in a confusing manner for a short period of time.

Expelliarmus: When casted upon a target, their wand (when equipped) will be passed to the caster; otherwise, the target will be lightly pushed back instead.

Flipendo: Throws the target backward by a short distance.

Rictusempra: Repulses the target by an insignificant distance.


Memory Charms

Obliviate: Causes a short flash blind and prevents the victim from casting, blocking, or flying; reversible with Finite Incantatem.

Obscuro: Blinds the target for a short time; reversible with Finite Incantatem.

Silencio: Disables the victim's chat temporarily; reversible with Finite Incantatem.

Protection Charms

Protego: Creates a small, static, semi-transparent bubble shield wherever it is casted; fades away by itself after a few seconds, or can be reversed using the Aboleo spell.

Protego Diabolica (Elder Wand exclusive): Ignites an immobile ring of blue flames around the caster; killing anyone who attempts to cross, exempting the caster's Roblox friends or members of the Ministry of Death Eaters (M.O.D.E.) if the caster is also part of M.O.D.E.

Protego Totalum: Creates a big, semi-transparent bubble shield that lasts much longer than a regular Protego; destructible using 3x casts of the Aboleo spell.



Appa: Short for Apparate, allows the caster to teleport to wherever they click.

Ascendio: Shoots the caster high up into the air.

Healing / Counterspells

Episkey: Shoots out 3 casts of a golden beam, each of which recovers a moderate amount of health.

Finite Incantatem: Counteracts non-physical status effects, as well as some stunning effects.

Liberacorpus: Frees the target from the effects of Levicorpus.

Relashio: Causes the target to drop their wand, where it may be picked up again; reverses the effects of Incarcerous.

Rennervate: Reverses the stunning effects of Sectumsempra, Defodio, Stupefy, Locomotor Wibbly, and Impedimenta.

Vulnera Sanentur: Slowly heals a target's entire health.


Aboleo: Fires 3 casts of a non-damaging beam which quickly destroy shields created by Protego and Protego Totalum; only 1 cast is required to destroy a regular Protego, and 3 are needed to destroy a Protego Totalum.

Accio: Brings a dropped object such as a wand to the caster.

Calvorio: Removes the target's hats/hair.

Diminuendo: Shrinks the target's body for a short period of time.

Engorgio Skullus: Enlarges the target's head for a short period of time.

Geminio: Creates a clone of the caster upon impact on the ground; if it hits a player or another clone, that entity will be duplicated instead -- cloned objects behave as regular humanoids and can be afflicted by any and all manners of effects.

Lumos: Emits light from the end of the caster's wand.

Melofors: Temporarily replaces the target's head with a pumpkin.

Morsmordre (M.O.D.E. exclusive): Creates a Dark Mark in the sky (the symbol of the Death Eaters).

Nox: Extinguishes the light casted by Lumos.

Removed Spells

There have been spells that were integrated into the game in the past. However, these spells were removed due to the spam and abuse of these, or were otherwise too unbalanced for gameplay. Other spells were removed for unknown reasons:

Alohomora: Unlocked otherwise sealed doors.

Bombarda Maxima (Elder Wand exclusive): Created a greater explosive beam compared to Bombarda which dealt 100 damage to any player within its blasting radius, inflicting instantaneous death.

Colloportus: A spell that locked doors; reversible by Alohomora.

Confringo Maxima: Ejected an even greater beam of fire than Confringo.

Expecto Patronum: Generated 6 harmless rings of blue light expanding outward the tip of the wand.

Fianto Duri: Strengthened a protective enchantment significantly.

Immobulus: Emitted an expanding blue sphere around the caster that stunned anyone it collided with.

Incendio Maxima: Fired a greater beam of fire than Incendio.

Lumos Maxima: Fired off a larger light source in comparison to Lumos and would begin to drift away to the direction it was casted; known to be a component for the Immortality Glitch, hence its removal.

Nako: Removed the target's clothing.

Protego Horribilis: Conjured a massive, highly durable protective dome.

Protego Maxima: Created a larger shield than Protego Totalum. Replaced with Protego Diabolica.

Repello Inimicum: Terminated anyone that comes into contact with the outer part of the shield.

Serpensortia: Spawned a single snake which then attempted to attack nearby players.

Vipera Evanesca: Eradicated the snakes spawned by Serpensortia.

Wingardium Leviosa: Levitated objects such as apples and wands.

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